ARBES OBS is a universal state-of-the-art banking system that operates 24/7 and covers all the needs of small, mid-size and large banks. Using ARBES OBS, banks can tend to all the needs of retail, corporate and private clients and flexibly create and provide, without limitations, unique banking products and services.

A big advantage of the ARBES OBS banking system is its modularity, which allows for the implementation of only the parts of the system (modules) that the bank needs to cover its activities. Thanks to this modularity, it is possible to easily customize the system to meet the specific needs of individual customers and, as a result, the system can be used by many different types of banks, stock exchange traders as well as payment service providers. In practice, this means that it is possible to implement, for example, only a solution for the credit agenda or term deposits, operational CRM and Reporting and the rendering of accounts. Moreover, the individual modules can collaborate with any other system of the bank. ARBES OBS is easily controlled via a web browser. It is not necessary to install new versions on user work stations upon system upgrade. The ARBES OBS banking system allows banks to undertake partial system administration, to carry out own parameterization and to hand over further administration and development of the system in part to a local IT partner.

All Back-Office and Front-Office processes are fully automated. ARBES Technologies creates the most advanced Internet banking and multichannel solutions in many regions. The ARBES OBS banking system has been selected by banks that are among the leaders in terms of business and technology in their respective markets, as well as smaller banks that offer wide-ranging services to private and business clients and, last but not least, offshore and private banks as well. The ARBES OBS system is also successfully supporting banking activities in the comparatively demanding environments of Central Europe, Portugal, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia.